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Feel the Real Comfort by Apple Macbook Air

The Apple always moves you towards the great technology by its each product. In the same line the Apple launched its new Apple Macbook Air Notebook with the better battery life and stunning performance by the quad-core processors. Let’s read the review and know the special features of the Apple Macbook Air.

Better battery life:

The Apple Macbook Air renovates the battery life and extents it with the more hours. The 4th generation Intel core processors improve the battery life to 12 hours. The Apple Macbook Air improved the battery life to 12 hours for the 11 inch and 12 hours battery life for the 13 inch model, which enters in to the sleep mode in three hours. This will enter in to the standby mode to improve the battery life up to 30 days.

Flash memory:

In Apple Macbook Air the flash memory is the important factor, which improves the storage capacity by 9 times faster than the other notebooks. The flash memory makes your Apple Macbook Air more lighter and compact notebook, when compared to the other notebooks. So you can work faster even though flip your note book after a month in standby mode.

Multitouch track pad:

The important and very useful factor is the Multitouch track pad, which allows you to do the many activities not only a touch. In Apple Macbook Air you can do the three-finger swipe, scrolling, pinch, and double-tap, rotate, four-finger swipe, swipe, tap, and drag facilities.

Backlit keyboard:

The Apple Macbook Air allows you to experience the real typing feel and enhance the brightness of the keyboard even though in dimmest light. The built in sensors allows you to sense the surrounding lighting condition and changes the brightness automatically.


you can access your content on all the devices with the help of iCloud. So access everywhere you’re pictures, videos, documents, contacts and much more. The iCloud allows you to done this task easily in your Apple Macbook Air.

The above mentioned points are the best features of the Apple Macbook Air so analyze it with the other notebooks if it matches your expectations procure it by $899 of cost.

How to turn old iPhone/iPad into remote network security camera

Remote monitoring devices:

There is an important surveillance for everyone in our home as well as in the office. You can turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote network security camera for protecting your surroundings without any hazards. IPhone can be used as a security camera with the help of one app. IP cam by senstic is capable of converting your spare/old iphone into remote network security camera having the vast features. The IP cam adds the remote surveillance into your iPhone, iPad or itouch to a powerful IP camera through the WI-FI network facility. First install the app on your gadget and complete the installation setup. The next step is to configure the phone properly for good functioning. Now you can view IP cam on the web browsers of any browsers or iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with the help of safari browser.


Features of IP cam:

  1. IP cam is very useful for working people, because they can protect their area in a secure way.
  2. The cam functions fully with WI-FI connectivity because other mobile network may cost more.
  3. It has a live camera view from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  4. You can view or watch your house/ office from any web browser and on any type of computer.
  5. There is no basic requirement for internet connectivity and grasps the WI-FI connection.
  6. It has recording support on remote areas.
  7. The cam has the ability to access remote areas via the UPNP if it is available.
  8. You also have an option to use the flash control if your gadget has an embedded option.
  9. It also has grey scale and night vision mode so that you can customize the recorded videos.
  10. The basic video setting is available including brightness, contrast, saturation and so on.
  11. The only disadvantage is that it will drain off your battery within a short period.

Top 9 dual core smart phones in 2013

Samsung galaxy grand duos:

  1. Samsung is the world is best selling smart phone’s brand.
  2. It has a 5-inch capacitive touch screen and 8MP camera.
  3. With HD camera, you can also record high definition videos.
  4. It has dual core 1.2GHZ processor, but fails to have screen resolution.


Micromax A116 Canvas HD:

This smart phone has a pixel intensity of 294ppi with 5-inch display. It has a quad core processor and 1GB of RAM and the size of the battery is 2000mAh.

Xolo Q800:

This phone has a speed of1.2GHZ and has 1 GB RAM. The camera pixel is 1.2MP and the mobile phone is perfect for video recording and video calling.


Karbon S5 titanium:

  1. It has 8MP rear and 2MP front-end camera.
  2. The s5 titanium is sleek and stylish with 8.95mm thick.
  3. The phone has a good battery capacity and high definition graphics.

Samsung galaxy S Duos:

This gadget is loaded with 1GHZ processor and offers 786MB RAM with a 5MP camera. The battery capacity of this mobile lasts longer for several hours and you can use it even for 1 day.


Zen ultra phone 701 HD:

  1. This is a 5-inch tab, which is powered by a quad core of 1.2 GHZ Cortex A7 chip.
  2. This chip is more powerful than other dual core chipsets in the market.

Micromax A89 Ninja:

It is the best budget phone and has 235ppi pixel density and RAM of 512 MB. Its battery is 1450mAh, which is good in terms of charging and consumption.


XOLO A1000:

  1. This phone runs on android jelly bean.
  2. It has stunning pixel density of 295ppi and wide screen resolution.
  3. It comes along with dual core processor and 1GB RAM capacity is embedded.

Spice stellar Nhance:

Spice mobile has launched this smart phone with 1GHZ dual core processor and runs ICS. The only disadvantage of this mobile is that it lacks from RAM memory.

Get the best price by selling your gadgets via online

Trade in your Smartphone:

  1. Many mobile phone operators in various parts of the world now offer trade in deals directly to their customers.
  2. O2, Vodaphone, three, and EE offer to buy your old gadget very similar to other recycling stores.
  3. So, before selling your product to the outside people first ask your operator how much they will provide you for your old phone.
  4. The most common place where people look often, when buying second hand product is eBay and this place stands as the peak for the shoppers to buy and sell new and used equipments.



Setting an account on eBay is very easy and you can register via online it. The new look seller’s page is very simple to be handled with and it just requires you to have a picture of the device itself and insert a brief explanation about the product. There are two ways to sell the things on eBay one is to use the fixed price and the other is that you can offer the customer to give their own money. You can also invite the customers to demand the price for their products.


Gum tree:

  1. This site allows you to sell the items for free.
  2. The only way here is to simply describe about the device, attach a picture, set the price range, then wait for an email or call from the buyer.
  3. This is the fastest and easiest way of trading.
  4. There is no specific rating system and so you need to have more caution on certain users, who try to take advantage of you.
  5. In the gum tree, the average asking price for the iPhone 4S 16GB was around $250.
  6. You can specifically check the devices on the web whether it is sold or not.
  7. Buyers tend to struggle with sellers for a low price to be finalized on gum tree.

Top 9 4G phones of 2013


The new iphone5 supports 4G but it selects only particular frequencies. Therefore, this is the major drawback of the new release and it does not update fully when compared to the previous models.


HTC one:

  1. HTC can be used with any networks to support 4G.
  2. The mobile has low light camera performance and the general speed is updated with new user interface.
  3. The phone along with 4G features will attract many mobile users.


Samsung galaxy S4:

The galaxy S4 is an excellent handset because of its good performance. You can use networks such as EE, Vodaphone and O2 for activating 4G.

Nokia Lumia 925:

  1. Nokia’s new windows 8 phone has been launched along with 4G features.
  2. It has 8.7MP camera with the production of low light pictures.
  3. The windows phone provides a different interface when compared to Google and Apple.

Blackberry Z10:

This is the first phone to adopt the new BB10 mobile OS, it has a powerful web browsing feature with 4G connectivity. The device has 4.2-inch display with good speed.


Sony xperiaZ :

  1. Sony has a 5-inch display with 2GB RAM and 13MP camera.
  2. This is the first device to include a quad core chipset.
  3. It operates on all 4G bands, and so you can choose the best SIM card facilities.

Samsung galaxy S4 Mini:

The S4 mini comes into a cheaper price point but still has the facilities of mid range mobile. It has a bright screen and capable camera with 4G that supports EE, O2 and Vodaphone.

Blackberry Q10:

  1. This phone comes along with4G options and traditional QWERTY keypad.
  2. The phone looks similar to that of older versions and supports NFC.

HTC One_HTC One mini Comparison

HTC one Mini:

Mini 4G handset to break the ranks of HTC is the HTC one mini. You can also play the latest version of android composed with the ultra pixel camera.